About Us

Space Rubber Ducky Designs is a family owned business based out of Southern California.

We specialize in handmade cutting boards and woodwork, custom epoxy resin tumblers and sublimation designs.

After I began working from home in 2020, I realized how much time I was missing with my kids... and they were growing up fast!  My better half said she had never seen me so happy and stress free.  Suddenly, spending 10 hours a day in an office and commuting in rush hour traffic was looking less desirable.

In early 2022, I made the (scary) decision to walk away from an 18 year career in education to start a small business.  Thanks to the support of my wife, family and friends, it's been an amazing ride!

The name "Space Rubber Ducky Designs" came to life from the imagination of my (then) 4 year old.  One day he was running around telling everyone "call me, Space Rubber Ducky!"  He repeated himself so much that it became an inside joke.  Flash forward two years later, we're all Space Rubber Duckies now.


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